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DMVApp System Overview

DMVApp bridges the gap between DMV systems and the public, allowing easy access to DMV services from consumer mobile phones and devices. The service portal connects mobile DMV actions with state DMV systems and their authorized agency partners, extending the electronic DMV services into the consumer space.

Existing companies in the automotive industry can leverage DMVApp to provide their customers direct access to DMV services through a mobile platform. Our modular system connects DMVApp’s proprietary software with new or existing APIs to interface with DMV backend systems and enable DMV services on mobile devices.

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DMVApp Proprietary Software

No “set-up” or account creation is required by the user—if you have a Driver’s License, you have an account! Despite the ease of access, we do verify the user’s identity and all data are stored in a secure, encrypted database. User identity is verified via a proprietary challenge system. In addition, users can limit the amount of personal information displayed on their digital Driver’s License for added protection.

  • Single step (limited input) account access (no “set up” required) 

  • Proprietary challenge system to verify user with unique owner details 

  • Securely access personally identifiable information

User security and DMV compliance are at the forefront of our software. From login to fulfillment, and at every step in between, measures are in place to ensure data security.


  1. The challenge system verifies that the person using the application is in fact the device’s owner.

  2. The challenge system ensures that we do not reveal any personal information to which the user does not already have access.

  3. DMVApp is compliant with all DMV privacy and security regulations, and the user is informed of all applicable rules and regulations.

  4. If the user requests an action that would not comply with DMV security—for example, if they request to have their vehicle registration sent to an address that is not on file—the user will be notified that the action is not in compliance and the action will not be completed until necessary steps are taken.

  5. In such a situation, we then provide a means for the owner to easily and securely come into compliance.

  6. When viewing their digital Driver’s License, users can elect to blur personally identifiable information such as home address, while still providing age verification or identity.

  7. Compliant with state rules, laws, and guidelines, users may access their private traffic history and, in special cases, the traffic history of family members who are under 18 years of age.

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