Routine DMV services require in-person visits to field offices. These trips can be time-consuming with long waits and restrictive hours that pose a challenge for customers. Recent events such as new REAL ID requirements and reduced hours due to the COVID-19 pandemic have further impacted field offices that were already over capacity. Thus, there is an immediate need to provide cost-effective, easy-to-implement, and accessible DMV services to the public. 


To date, there has not been a viable solution due to the complexity of long-standing enterprise DMV systems that require specialized knowledge for successful integration. There are only a handful of teams with backgrounds in building network-based, reliable, scalable platforms that interface with the DMV. This is because state DMVs have complex, lengthy, and expensive requirements to gain access to their platforms. As a result, customers are still lacking modernized access to routine DMV services.

DMVApp bridges the gap between DMV systems and the public, allowing easy access to DMV services from consumer mobile phones and devices. The service portal connects mobile DMV actions with state DMV systems and their authorized agency partners, extending the electronic DMV services into the consumer space. DMVpp’s solution is a direct result of the team’s experience building one of the best DMV provider connections in California and creating network solutions to deliver services to the masses.

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